Hiatus for a Companion Animal

hiatus, noun: pause, interruption

via Thesaurus.com.

Indeed, I am on a hiatus for the moment as I attempt to get myself together after a long previous month of NaNoWriMo and having to say goodbye to my beloved dog, Morticia, who has terminal cancer that we’re watching carefully. Please bear with me, and I will return soon. Possibly even next week. It’s all going to depend on what’s going on with our sweet Morticia, who is still with us at the time of this writing.

Breaks are necessary for good mental health. I hope you are all doing well and taking the necessary pauses you need to be well, too.

In the meantime, why not browse my about page to keep you entertained?


Temporary Hiatus

Hello friends. Due to a personal matter and being busy with writing, editing, and other things, I have taken a break from blogging.

When I return, the blog will hopefully have a new look, and there will be more diverse subject matter that incorporates my background in psychology as well as other subjects. But it will all go towards the goal of improving your writing.

Thank you for reading. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of my dog, Morticia.

Yes, this is Morticia. She is possibly the friendliest Chihuahua on Earth.