Wendy Howard tackles Beverley Allitt: Women in Horror

I really enjoy Wendy Howard’s writing. As a part of February’s Women In Horror Month, I had the privilege of meeting her in virtual space and writing an article about torture.

Maybe I’m biased towards Wendy because she shares a name with one of my favorite characters of mine (Wendy Willow). Nah. She’s just a compelling writer.

This was one post that Wendy wrote for WiHM. She discusses a very real serial killer who had Munchausen Syndrome AND Munchausen-By-Proxy Syndrome. These are both rare conditions, and to have them together was, as I said in the comments, “like finding a unicorn. A horrible, flesh-eating unicorn, but still.”

In my series The Psych Writer, I will be tackling both Munchausen and MBP. I think it would make for some interesting characters if handled correctly, and I like to pick things apart. As I said, Munchausen Syndrome and MBP are rare, but they’re fun to explore (as long as you’re not the one suffering from it).

Enjoy Wendy’s article and sleep tight.

Read here: Beverley Allitt: Serial Murderer and Evil Woman In Pop Culture | Women in horror


Promote your blog for Luna | Luna, the Little Chomper

via Promote your blog for Luna | Luna, the Little Chomper.

I thought this was a cute idea for people to promote their blogs, as told through the eyes of a sweet little cat named Luna.

Loads of people like cats, after all, and nothing quite gets a person who likes cats to click a link faster than a cute, little fluffy furball like Luna.

Two weeks ago, on June 13, 2015, I had to put my cat to sleep after enjoying 17 years of her companionship. I love cats, and I clicked on this link. It’s actually difficult for blogs to get me to click, but this did it.

Scott Danzig’s blog is a lot of fun to read and he even gives good advice (such as on how to take better cat pictures, which is helpful for all pet lovers, really). It’s well worth the read.

Enjoy little Luna and Scott’s blog. I’ll be back with more posts on writing next week.

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